What is DKGEcu?


DKGEcu is a versatile standalone DCT controller made specifically for BMW DCT transmissions. It works with all BMW DCT transmissions and is made to work with basically all programmable ECUs and also many OEM ECUs. Click to read more...

Its even possible to use it completely standalone, with no connection to the engine ECU! This means it will work in a carburated Hot Rod, or in a after market ECU drift car, it doesn't matter! (however we do recommend connecting at least RPM, TPS and shiftcut signal for more adjustability)

With the latest firmware (you are able to update the firmware at home with a PC) it boast awsome features like:

  • E-clutch control, use your clutch pedal just like in a regular manual transmission! (0-5v signal)
  • Adjustable auto shift (on/off switch input)
  • Multiple downshift feature
  • Full clutch pressure available in all BMW DCT transmissions
  • All shift parameters is fully adjustable with a PC and the included USB cable
  • Automatic launch mode, with adjustable slip (or just launch with the clutch pedal)
  • Different shift modes ("sport button" switch input)
  • Downshift throttle blip (not mandatory, use with a cable throttle works fine. Adjustable GND signal)
  • Upshift shiftcut signal (adjustable GND signal)
  • Upshift throttle/torque reduce signal (adjustable GND signal)
  • Go to neutral from any gear
  • Go to last selected gear, from neutral (not available for reverse gear)
  • Use any shifter and/or paddles (as long as they are micro switch type) or control shifts with your engine ECU
  • Backup drive mode, if there should be a problem you can still drive home (in most cases)
  • Fault codes shown directly in the gear indicator display, great if you dont have a PC at hand

And much much more!

Latest public firmware is 039, contact us if you wish to upgrade!